Rekuperacja - Wentylacja mechaniczna z odzyskiem ciepła

Recuperation – mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

We are the main distributor of Finnish brand Enervent Zehnder and Lithuanian brand Oxygen ventilation units. Enervent Zehnder units are premium-class ventilation systems with rotary heat exchangers. Oxygen units are intelligent, efficient, and compact ventilation units that are user-friendly and offer an optimal price-to-quality ratio.

We also offer other brands of ventilation units, including Thessla Green, Komfovent, Stiebel-Eltron, and Zehnder.

In addition, we provide installation accessories such as distribution systems, EPS pipes and fittings, air grilles, intakes, exhaust outlets, mounting materials, and more.

We offer comprehensive solutions for ventilation systems in buildings and assist in selecting the appropriate ventilation units

Enervent Zehnder Recuperators

Ventilation units with rotary heat exchangers, optionally available in 3 versions: premium, hygroscopic, sorption. The performance range of the devices is 230-2900 m3/h. Standard built-in humidity sensor – recovery and control of relative humidity. Control panel included with the unit – either the simple eWind panel or the touchscreen eAir panel. Possibility of control via mobile application or web server. Standard 5-year warranty.

Enervent is a Finnish brand with a passion for indoor microclimate. Since 1983, Enervent has been developing, researching, manufacturing, and introducing high-efficiency and energy-saving ventilation units with heat and humidity recovery as standard. Enervent was one of the first companies to introduce rotary heat exchangers into home ventilation units. The company’s headquarters, factory, and entire production are located in Porvoo, Finland. Currently, Enervent supplies ventilation equipment to over 20 countries in Europe and Asia

W 2018 roku Enervent stał się częścią Zehnder Group AG, która zatrudnia ponad 3000 osób na całym świecie.

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Oxygen Recuperators

The Oxygen brand originates from Lithuania, where it was established as a startup by experienced environmental engineers with the assistance of students and professors from the Kaunas University of Technology. All Oxygen ventilation units are designed in line with sustainable development principles and comply with the European Green Deal. Oxygen units are easy to install and operate, controlled by a unique energy-saving algorithm. The distinctive color scheme also reflects sustainable development – enthalpic recovery units are marked in sea blue, while standard units are in sandy beige. Additionally, for every unit sold, Oxygen plants a tree in the Oxygen forest!

The manufacturer aims to break market stereotypes by offering an alternative in the form of intelligent, efficient, and more compact ventilation units that are user-friendly. Hence, the accompanying slogan for this brand of ventilation units is ‘Just like breathing’. Also noteworthy is the revolutionary price-to-quality ratio offered by the brand

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OXYGEN ventilation units with advanced counter-flow plate heat exchangers are suitable even for the highest energy class A++. Save up to 93% energy.


How does mechanical ventilation with heat recovery work?

The ventilation unit consists of a housing, intake and exhaust air filters, a heat exchanger, an air heater, and supply and exhaust fans. Fresh air is drawn in through air intakes. Then, the air enters the heat recovery unit, where it is first filtered. Next, the fresh air passes through the heat exchanger, where it is heated by the thermal energy recovered from the exhaust air. After passing through the heat exchanger, the supply air can either be directly delivered into the room or further heated to the desired supply temperature by the secondary heater. On the other hand, the exhaust air from the rooms, after passing through the filter, enters the heat exchanger, where it releases heat, and then is expelled from the building through air outlets.

Enervent Zehnder Ventilation Units

We are the exclusive distributor of Enervent Zehnder ventilation units in Poland. Enervent devices are manufactured in a factory in Finland, which has been operating since 1983. The heat recovery technology is based on a rotary heat exchanger, allowing for highly efficient heat recovery and also recovering moisture from the exhaust air. The built-in humidity sensor enables control of humidity levels in the rooms, maintaining comfortable conditions throughout the year.

Enervent ventilation units are distinguished by their highest quality craftsmanship, compact size, and wide range of control functions. The standard warranty is 2+3 years. It is possible to set operating modes such as “at home”, “away from home”, “intensive”, and assign fan speeds to each mode. Additionally, full modulation of the heat exchanger speeds allows for partial heat recovery or complete abandonment of heat recovery, depending on current needs. In summer, freely programmable night cooling mode using free cooling is possible. The control panels are highly advanced yet intuitive and user-friendly.

Comprehensive Services and Technical Consulting

We offer a wide range of components for mechanical ventilation installations, including ducts, fittings, distribution boxes, and junction boxes. We provide comprehensive selection of ventilation systems and units tailored to specific buildings. We design installations for both new and existing buildings undergoing renovations. For installers collaborating with us, we offer technical advisory services regarding the selection and installation of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery. We conduct training sessions for installers (more information about training sessions can be found in the OEM Educator Academy section).

If you’re looking to commission the installation of a ventilation system, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


What is recuperation and how does it work?

Recuperation, also known as heat recovery ventilation, is the process of recovering heat from used air. Then, the thermal energy is transferred to the simultaneously introduced outdoor air to heat it. This process is carried out using a special heat exchanger located in the ventilation unit. In addition to heat recovery, some recuperators can also recover moisture from the exhausted air, which is particularly beneficial in the heating season when the air is dry.

Recuperation enables the maintenance of high indoor air quality while reducing the energy consumption required to heat the air supplied to the rooms.

Is heat recovery ventilation cost-effective?

Yes, with the help of heat recovery ventilation units, not only can ventilation in the rooms be improved and used air expelled, but also the indoor microclimate can be enhanced and a comfortable temperature more efficiently maintained, resulting in heating cost savings.


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Rekuperator z wymiennikiem obrotowym - centrala wentylacyjna ENERVENT ZEHNDER

Podstawowy serwis rekuperatora - centrala wentylacyjna ENERVENT ZEHNDER

Rekuperator z pompą ciepła – Centrala wentylacyjna ENERVENT ZEHNDER

Centrala wentylacyjna z pompą ciepła – ZASADA DZIAŁANIA! ENERVENT ZEHNDER

Centrala wentylacyjna, a GWC (gruntowy wymiennik ciepła) - ENERVENT ZEHNDER


ENERVENT - Fabryka w Finlandii

ENERVENT - Zasada działania wymiennika obrotowego

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